Digital Transformation Consulting

This video was produced in 2016 long before the COVID-19 pandemic and businesses were already expected to embrace digitization to succeed. This has become a necessity in the New Normal due to the quarantine implemented by the government to protect its citizens.

Going Digital is not just having a web presence, which is having a website or an FB page. Going Digital is adapting technology in different areas of your business. What are the different areas of your business?

Businesses big or small needs to augment Information and Communications Technology (ICT) to be able to adapt to the New Normal. Purchasing a computer with software is not enough to achieve this, the whole enterprise needs to be ready such as securing your data, continuing business operations during emergencies and other policies that needs to be created.

AGENTIS will audit the different areas of your business and then create an ICT plan (1 year) or ICT Strategic Plan (2 or more years) as a guide to your Digital Transformation.

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